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As we know, planning a live event, party or wedding requires a lot of work and you may have some questions about booking live entertainment.

We have tried to answer the most frequent questions below, but if you can’t find the information you need please feel free to get in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I see Cassette Dog play live before booking?​

    Of course! We play in pubs/clubs frequently, and as such we regularly have opportunities for people to come and watch us play live. To find out where we will be playing next you can check our upcoming gigs page or contact us. If you want to follow us on Facebook, any last minute public gigs that do come in will likely be promoted there.

  • How much do you charge?​

    It is difficult to give you an indication of our charges without knowing a little bit about your event. Several factors can affect the cost of hiring our band, including the date, the location, the length of time you want us to play, early arrival and late finishes and inclusion of any of our additional services.

    We like to work within your budget wherever possible so please contact us and we will be more than happy to give you a no-obligation quote.

  • Do you charge extra for sound & lighting equipment?

    No, we provide our own high quality professional sound and lighting system and these are included in any quote for the band.

  • How far will you travel?​

    We are prepared to travel nationwide, however we find that most of our bookings are within 1 hour of our location. Bookings beyond this area may incur additional travel expenses and/or overnight accommodation.

  • There are noise restrictions at my venue. What are they? Can you still play?

    Some venues have sound restrictions, which are monitored with a sound meter: more commonly they may have a sound limiter installed. Noise limiters are pre-set to a certain level (e.g.: 90 decibels) – if the music exceeds this limit, after a brief warning, the power is cut off altogether! (Not great in the middle of a song!)

    Many factors can affect how a noise limiter operates: the positioning of the limiter, the acoustics of the room or noise from the audience etc. This is increasingly common and we have catered for many venues that have noise restrictions. We play at venues with sound limiters often and because we use specially tailored equipment that gives us more control of our overall sound mix, we can eliminate problems that many other bands can’t. We have a lot of experience playing at low volume levels and have built up our own database of venues with sound limiters so we usually have a pretty good idea. If the limiter is set very low, then although the band may not set it off, it can sometimes be triggered by the audience – especially if they are extremely loud. You need to bear in mind that a venue with a sound limiter may mean our performance is quieter, and we will need sufficient time to test our volume relative to the meter’s settings. We can also play very loudly if required!

  • My function is in a marquee, or venue where load in may be difficult. When would be a suitable time for the band to set up?

    There are several set-up options available for marquee performances. These are affected by the timings of your event, the layout and size of the marquee and the availability of extra access to the performance area (usually a removable tent flap) so that we don’t disturb your guests. Generally there are a couple of options:

    Firstly we can set up before the guests enter the marquee. The advantage here is that the band will be set up and available to start whenever you want, also – the P.A. system is then available for speeches and recorded backing music / or our DJ service during the afternoon / evening. There is often an extra charge for an early set up.

    Secondly the band can set up after the Wedding breakfast or celebratory meal has finished. There is usually a natural break in the proceedings at this point and guests will often take this opportunity to relax and ‘stretch their legs’, making it an ideal time for us to set up. With this second option, it is likely that guests may hear our ‘sound check’, so if this is something you want to avoid, we’d suggest inquiring about an early set up. You also need to make sure that your schedule allows us 1 hour 30 mins to set up before we can play any music for you.

  • My venue has asked for a PAT certificate. What is this and can you provide it?

    PAT stands for Portable Appliance Test and covers the electrical safety of any piece of portable electrical equipment used in the work place. This is not a specific statutory test like an MOT but it is a requirement for a professional band. Health and safety regulations state that any electrical equipment used in the work place must be properly maintained and regularly inspected to ensure safety. The frequency of the testing and the qualifications of the tester must be appropriate for the type of equipment and the environment in which the equipment is being used. Most venues expect PAT tests to be carried out annually by a qualified electrician. We are able to provide a PAT certificate if required.

  • When do you usually set up?

    This depends on the type of venue we are playing and how easy it is to access. Generally speaking, we set up between 60 – 90 minutes before we play, but these timings can vary according to your requirements.

  • What if we require you to arrive early in the day or stay later?

    No problem, please let us know the details. An additional early set up or late play fee is likely, and depending on our location the previous day, we may have to book accommodation to make sure we arrive at your event with plenty of time to spare.

  • How much space do you need and do you require a raised stage?

    We do not require a raised stage as such, this is up to you, however we do require a flat and stable surface to set up on. A performance area generally about 5m x 5m, however, we can fit into smaller spaces. If you think there may be an issue with the size or structure of the performance area, then please let us know.

  • How long does it take you to set up?

    We usually reserve around one hour and thirty minutes (except for pubs/clubs) to set up but this can vary depending on the ease of access to the performance area. Obstructions at load-in time and vehicle movement & parking regulations can have an impact on how long we may need. Please let us know if you think we are likely to encounter any difficulties during load in. We incorporate a small sound check into this setup schedule.

  • What are the electrical power requirements?

    We require domestic style three-pin 13 amp sockets. Two sockets are preferred and where more than one socket is required, we recommend that these are supplied from different ring mains so that the power is evenly distributed. For marquees, the contractor should be able to provide 15-amp supply, which is then split into separately, fused 13 amp sockets. For marquees and outdoor events a surge protection device must be fitted. Our total power loading will not exceed 6kva and will probably be a lot less. For marquee events, please do make sure that you supply enough power – failure to cover power for both band and caterers could lead to problems.

  • Can I choose your play list?

    We can send you our song list so you can check off your likes and dislikes. We then compile our live set based on your choices. There are many factors which determine the order and composition of the play list, such as key signatures, tempos, guitar changes, the order of electronically sequenced tracks, etc. Plus we have extensive experience in knowing what will keep your guests happy and on the dance floor. Our song list is constantly evolving and being updated and is a result of many years of great requests and suggestions.

  • How long can you perform for?

    We perform live for two hours which is divided into two one hour sets or three forty minute sets.

  • Do you HAVE to sound check?

    It is important for us to sound check and you need to allow a specific and convenient time for us to do this. We can play without a sound check, and have done so in the past, but we try to avoid this where possible as it can affect the final result we deliver for you and your guests. It is particularly important to sound check when we are performing with a sound meter.

  • Can I, or one of my guests, sing or play along with you on the day?

    It may be possible for you or one of your guests to “sit in” with us, but we will need advanced warning and it’s best to have agreed beforehand what song is going to be performed. We strongly advise against people just jumping up – it can lead to confusion and can disrupt the ‘flow’ of the evening as well as creating health and safety risks. Singing with the band, if requested in advance is normally OK. Insurance issues require that guests cannot play our equipment.

  • What if a band member is ill on the day of my function?

    This is very rare, but under these circumstances we may be able to provide a substitute musician, or organise an alternative band to play for you. The show must go on! Any substitute we use will have worked with us before and we insist on the highest quality as we have a great reputation to maintain.

  • What if there are EXTREME weather conditions on the day of my function?

    One thing we can’t plan is the weather! If there are very extreme weather conditions on the day of your function, then we will usually have seen predictions of this on the news / weather forecasts etc. We will plan extra time for our journey, and occasionally also book hotels etc. If you and your guests can get there then so can we! We’re serious about giving you a good show – we’ve driven through rain, wind, sleet and snow!

    On a serious note; if the whole country is ‘snowed under’ and roads are closed etc, this may even stop your guests from arriving. Under those circumstances we may have trouble too, but we will always keep in contact with you in situations such as these.

  • Great guys and band! Thank you for a great show. Much appreciated, non-stop tuneage.
    Andy & Phoebe Piper
  • Took a risk with this booking as I’d never actually seen them play live and only in videos, and the risk paid off big time! They were absolutely fantastic! I’d previously mentioned our party theme was movies and they amended their set list to include mostly songs from films! Went above and beyond in my opinion! Had everybody up and dancing and were very interactive with the party. If I could rate them higher I would! Will definitely be booking again in the future and recommending to everyone!
    Grace Pearce
  • Great music by a great group. Played at Lavenham Royal British Legion and everyone loved them. Well done. Highly recommended by us!
    Carl Richardson
  • OMG they're brilliant! Polite, talented and everyone thought the same. Any other party I do they are coming back. Thank you for doing my 50th!
    Glenn Andrews
  • Fantastic night with these guys. The Old Star customers had only good things to say about them and of course can't wait to get you back. Such a cheerful band which is what we needed after a few disastrous bands.
    Petrula Demetriou
  • Absolutely fantastic, you're a fantastic band! I don't think I stopped dancing.
    Charlie Williams