Steven’s 30th Birthday Party

Steven’s 30th Birthday Party
29th July 2018 Cassette Dog
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Last night we traveled to the Park Pavilion in Harwich to play at Steven’s 30th birthday party, after his girlfriend (Grace) booked us.

Have you ever had one of those dreams that features random characters, and doesn’t make a lot of sense? This was pretty much our night with Steven, Grace and their friends! The theme for the night was 30 years of film, and EVERYONE had pulled out all the stops with their costumes.

This led to a few odd moments throughout the night (a band favourite being the sight of Mia Wallace dancing with Inspector Gadget while Kevin and Perry jived just off to one side!), but everyone was definitely up for a good time.

The night took an unexpected turn (for us anyway!) when Steven proposed to Grace in the middle of a pretty complicated dance routine. Grace said yes and this pushed everyone into a higher mode of party energy, which we definitely embraced.

We left exhausted (but slightly cooler than previous weeks) and pleased that the night had gone so well, our only disappointment is that we didn’t have time for a quick paddle. Oh well… There’s always next time!

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