Ross’ 40th Birthday

Ross’ 40th Birthday
22nd July 2018 Cassette Dog
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Last night we had the absolute pleasure of playing at Ross’ 40th birthday party in Groton, near Boxford.

We had been booked by Ross’ parents, as Ross lives in Australia and traveled back to celebrate his birthday. No pressure then… (It was a good excuse to break out “Land Down Under” though!)

We arrived a couple of hours before we were due to play so that we could set up our PA system and get some background music on. The one thing we couldn’t have anticipated was drawing the intense interest of every single child at the party, who all sat patiently while we set up. We were later told that someone had possibly mentioned that we were going to be running a Punch & Judy show. Thanks for that one, whoever you are!

We broke the night up into 3 set lists, with each set becoming more and more energetic, and made it our mission to keep as many people on the dance floor as possible, despite the heat (ongoing summer of 2018! Expect it to be referenced a LOT…)

We finished off the night with a few sing-a-long numbers and one last rendition of “Happy Birthday to You”, and then hit the road for a well earned rest.

Thanks again to Val and Tony for booking us, and to Ross and all of his friends for being up for a party.

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