Phoebe & Andy’s Wedding

Phoebe & Andy’s Wedding
1st July 2018 Cassette Dog
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Yesterday we had the pleasure of playing at Phoebe and Andy’s wedding near Lamarsh and Alphamstone in Suffolk.

We’ve known Andy for years, as he has booked all of our old bands (does that make Cassette Dog a super group?) through his work at The White Horse in Sudbury and Leestock, so we were more than happy to help out when he asked us if we would like to play at his wedding.

The wedding had a festival vibe, with a huge double tipi for musicians to perform from, an ice cream van, hog roast, bar and straw bales as far as the eye could see, and we were down to perform during the late afternoon/early evening slot.

Now… the summer of 2018 has been fairly warm so far, but NOTHING compared to yesterday. We. Were. Baking! Having set up all the gear, we settled down (in the full sun…) to watch a few of the other musicians perform before it was our turn to take the stage.

We knew we had to pull out all the stops, so we threw together a set list of pure excellence to make sure that we kept the energy levels up. It was a little bit too hot for serious dancing, but the guests did their best to sing and dance along and clapped and cheered in all the right places.

All-in-all we had a great time, we even joined Andy and Phoebe’s guests on the hillside to watch the last band of the evening. Thanks again for booking us, guys!

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