Bank holiday leaving bash in Wivenhoe

Bank holiday leaving bash in Wivenhoe
30th March 2018 Cassette Dog
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To kick off our Easter bank holiday weekend 2018, we headed over to Wivenhoe to see our old friends. We love this lot – they really know how to party! After our gig with them last year, we left them playing their own twist on beer pong – Lambrini pong!

This time it was for another special occasion; we were saying goodbye to Aaron, who is leaving to tackle the role of headteacher! So, in true Cassette Dog fashion, we gave him a mighty good send-off. The wet weather didn’t dampen our spirits (although it made carrying the gear in from the car a little trickier!), and as we pulled up to the Wivenhoe Cricket Club, we caught up with everyone getting ready for some dancing by loading up on energy in the form of Dominos pizza.

During the first half, we were mighty concerned that the crowd had lost their mojo and forgotten how to dance since we had last seen them. But they were just saving everything they had for the second half, where they really went for it – Wivenhoe style!

During the Blurred Lines dance off, it was nearly impossible to decide a winning pair, so we left that one up to Mark, who chose Pair 5 after their performance of killer dance moves, landing them a bottle of white to share! Happy days! This got everyone eager to win more prizes, so we made a quick decision to include some mini competitions too. These ended with Green Trousers winning for the best air saxophone playing during the Baggy Trousers solo and White Blouse winning for the best 500 Miles highland dancing. They both bagged a Peter Rabbit Happy Meal toy (from our bite to eat on the way over, no less).

It started to die down again as a lot of people were heading home to prepare for long-weekend and Easter holidays plans, but we managed to sneak a peak of Red Trouser’s 2-second Gangnam Style boogie, and she got a bottle of wine for her efforts. This caught everyone’s attention again, and they were back in the mood for a party!

After a couple of our favourites were requested and a few sing-a-longs saw everyone swaying together in a circle, it sadly came to the end of a brilliant night of dancing and fun. And, for the team’s one last goodbye to Aaron, there was a well needed Earthquake Drill that saw an empty dance floor and bums sticking out from under tables. Our cue to leave!

Thanks again to the Wivenhoe crowd for a fantastic night, the best of luck to Aaron and we hope to see you all again soon!

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