Back to Millfields Primary School!

Back to Millfields Primary School!
20th July 2018 Cassette Dog
In Parties

We always look forward to a night playing for these guys, and once again they didn’t disappoint!

Fresh from their last day of term, the staff at Millfields Primary School were definitely up for a party. The moment Mark kicked off those first four clicks, they were on it!

If you’re reading this in the future, the summer of 2018 was CRAZY hot (although it did very briefly rain on this night!), but that didn’t stop these guys. They danced, they sang, they… stood on tables and danced and sang, but mostly they just kicked back and enjoyed themselves.

We wish Headteacher, Janet, a very happy birthday again, and wish Kate and Jade the best of luck with their teacher training. Same time next year?

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