Mark Wortley


Mark started playing the drums in 2006, and has been a member of bands such as: 4 Spelt Four, Born Ready, LAMZ and Copyright.

What’s it like being a member of Cassette Dog?

“Hard work. The other two are a nightmare!…….Only kidding, we have great fun both at practice and at gigs regularly meeting at various locations to try and agree on the next round of songs to be added to the set list”

What is your favourite Cassette Dog song and why?

“Sooo very difficult as I like all the songs we play but has to be Baggy Trousers or Blue suede shoes are always crowd pleasers and the audience participation is what makes it so much fun.”

Which musicians are you inspired by?

“There are 2 that come to mind that cover a couple of drumming styles

1. Stewart Copeland – His use of space, subtlety and aggression most of his signature parts often involve intricate hi-hat patterns, very technical stuff!

2. Dave Grohl- Relentless, brawny drumming, he plays louder and harder than anybody”

What is your dream gig to play with Cassette Dog?

“Any huge festival that has crowds of 1000’s (the bigger the better)”

Tell us a bit about your equipment…

“I use a maple shelled DW drum kit, Mapex black panther sledge hammer snare with Sabian AAX cymbals. Watch out for a brand new product development I have designed for animating all drum kits.”

What do you do outside of Cassette Dog?

“Invent, design and develop all kinds of things. I also quite enjoy a pint or two in the pub watching other live bands.”

What’s your personal motto?

“You gotta have a bit about you to get on in life!”