James Carr

Vocals & Guitar

James started playing the guitar in 1997. He has studied music since he was 13, later going on to achieve a degree in Popular Music at Essex University, where he was lucky enough to be taught guitar by Charles Hedger (Cradle Of Filth, Imperial Vengeance). James has previously performed in a range of bands including: Pipistrelle, Nyquist, Born Ready and Good Times (2 x finalists in the Essex Wedding Awards).

What’s it like being a member of Cassette Dog?

“Being a member of Cassette Dog is great! Imagine having a hobby where you get to spend time with your mates, do something that you are really passionate about AND get paid for it… It’s really cool to be in a band where everyone works hard, but still has a relaxed atmosphere.”

What is Your favourite Cassette Dog song and why?

“I really enjoy the songs that we can break down and get the audience involved in. There is nothing quite like reading the audience and adapting a song to give them an opportunity to carry it, it means that every song is unique to that event. I find that “Blurred Lines”, “500 Miles” and “Johnny B Goode” have consistently delivered that level of audience participation, but it can vary hugely depending on the audience.”

Which musicians are you influenced by?

“I am a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac, so Lindsey Buckingham is a huge influence on both my playing and singing. I was exposed to loads of music by my parents from a very young age so I have developed a good feel for different genres. All-time favourites are: Peter Gabriel, Green Day, Gotye, Bruno Mars, Marty McFly (yeah, he’s fictional…), Muse, Metallica (where my rhythm guitar skills were honed!), LMFAO, Men at Work and many, many more.”

What is your dream gig to play with Cassette Dog?

“Any gig where the audience wants to have a fantastic time and really enjoy a night of music is a dream gig. I am also a bit of an F1 fan so I would also have to say that playing at the concert at the end of the Silverstone Grand Prix would also be a dream come true.”

Tell us a bit about your equipment…

“I play a Gibson Les Paul Traditional (2008) through a Blackstar ID:260 amplifier. I favour a really simple set up over having a million pedals to control (less to go wrong!), so this combination is as good as it gets for me. It provides everything from lush, ringing chords for those slow songs to a heavy crunch for those rocking numbers. My vocals are carried by a Shure SM58 microphone, the industry standard for gigging musicians, and a Yamaha Stagepas 600i PA system, and I’m made pretty by a back line of various lights!”

What do you do outside of Cassette Dog?

“Outside of Cassette Dog I work as a Digital Manager for an award winning research, PR, marketing & design company based in Suffolk. In my spare time I usually listen to music, have my head stuck in a book, catch up on TV or spend time with my dog Meg.”

What’s your personal motto?

“I’ve got Terry Pratchett to thank for this:”

“It’s not worth doing something unless someone, somewhere, would much rather you weren’t doing it.”