Harriette Marquez


Harriette started playing the bass in 2013. Cassette Dog is the first band that she has been a full member of, although she was a reserve musician for James’ wedding band “Good Times”.

What is it like being a member of Cassette Dog?

“It’s a bloody good giggle – I’m basically being paid to do something I love, with friends and make drunk people happy. We’ve got a load of crazy band stories already! It’s harder work than I thought it would be, but I’m loving every second of it.”

What’s your favourite Cassette Dog song and why?

“This is the hardest question I’ve had to answer! It has to be either Blue Suede Shoes, Johnny B Goode or Jailhouse Rock because of the upbeat nature to them. Everyone knows the words and that tends to be when the wild dance moves start coming out!”

What musicians inspire you?

“Obviously the legendary bass Gods are amazing – people like Flea, John Entwistle and Billy Sheehan. But my all time most inspirational musician is Jack White because of the diversity of just how many instruments he plays! Alternatively, the person that made me want to become a bassist was Cassandra from the film Wayne’s World!”

What is your dream gig to play with Cassette Dog?

“I would love to play at Kendal Calling because it’s my favourite festival – I love the atmosphere there. But I would also love to play at Golden Square in Soho, as I went to see a band play there once and the set-up was breathtaking. Really though, any gig with a great crowd is going to be an amazing, memorable one.”

Tell us about your equipment

“I’m currently playing an Ibanez SR300E which I obtained on a whim when my little brother split the neck of my previous bass the day before a practise with Cassette Dog. Thankfully, it has a delicious sound and is very lightweight – which is a very essential thing when you’re a generous 5’3”. My amp is a tiny TC Electronic BG250-208, which for its size reaches amazing volumes and is nice and meaty, allowing me to play at larger venues and still carry it to the van.”

What do you do outside of Cassette Dog?

“Outside of Cassette Dog, I work at a Specsavers store in Suffolk. I love it, and the dream is to one day be an optician. When I’m not there, I’m probably either reading, at a drive thru or sleeping off a hangover somewhere.”

What’s your personal motto?

“If nothing is going your way, you’re in the wrong lane.”